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Setting My Intention for 2019…

Hi! I’m Robin. Welcome to Robin’s Creative Space. I am 56 years old, live in Northern California in the USA, have three grown awesomely creative kids and I am newly married. When Rob, aka Hubby, moved into my little home last month I realized quickly that space and storage would be a challenge. Luckily for me (and you) there is Pinterest, YouTube, television shows, blogs and the world-wide web to find creative DIY ideas for any decor or storage need. In all honesty,  if I search for over  thirty minutes, I can find ideas that I didn’t even know I wanted to try. I can already tell you that learning to cut my long hair from a tutorial on YouTube was a huge disaster. All those girls made it look soooo easy! Now I have short hair. I am sure there are many more “oops” out there  waiting for me to discover. I do have a great sense of humor that gets me through or I’m just getting too old to stress the small stuff. Oh my gosh. I just put my hair in the “small stuff” category. Ugh!

Storage, decor and a new hairstyle are just a few of the newest goals I have added to my growing “to do” list for 2019. Rob and I both have health issues that require special diets. Rob is diabetic and lactose intolerant.  I have a rare autoimmune disease of my esophagus. I have to have my last meal of the day prior to 4pm. I need to avoid gluten/wheat products and spicy acidic food. My new cooking challenge is to find recipes that are low in carbs, diabetic friendly, lactose free, gluten/wheat free, non acidic, and meals that can easily be spiced up by Rob. Since I have been cooking only for myself, my meals were simple and did not take much imagination. Now I want to learn new recipes, new ways to cook and meals that look and smell delicious. Rob and I both want to eat healthier too so creating meals that taste great and still includes our favorite ingredients is my new “must find” global search. The goal for this is to make at least two new recipes a week and share them all here.

Another project that has been haunting me for as long as I can remember, is to write a book. Although I have so much more to share from the experiences in my life, I have even more excuses as to why I have not wrote it yet. The only thing holding me back is me. The only way to write a book is to get into the habit of writing. Fingers don’t fail me now.

All these goals combined are what birthed the idea for this blog. My one-word intention for 2019? To simply CREATE! Create storage. Create a new home decor style. Create great food. Create my first published book. Create inspiration. Create new habits that point me in the direction of creating my new life, one day at a time.

Come along with me as I try new ideas, DIYs, recipes and anything else that inspires me. I will share golden nuggets of information that I find and always the attempts that end up  being Moved To Trash. I will share what worked and what didn’t work, what I find easy or just too difficult. Join me for the fun, the trials, the successes, the “Oops and “Ahhs” and “Nailed It” of creating. Most of all, my biggest Goal and Intention for 2019 is for inspiring YOU to create YOUR life, one day at a time.

Happy Creating!