Thoughts and Ramblings

Creating Thoughts…

I have been focusing on creating new habits in my life. Mornings are the best place for me to start. It is the time I can think and plan. There lies my biggest obstacle to creating anything. Why? Because my mind really is a dangerous place. That is where my thoughts are created.

Thoughts can be the spark of new inventions, new novels, new artwork, new creations. Thoughts can also stop anyone cold in their path. Just as fast as a great idea can appear in my mind, thinking about it too long with no action will convince me why I cannot do the thing I was thinking about doing every time. If I listen too long, which I usually do, I can convince myself that my (fill in the dream) will not work. Then the inner critic gets really loud, shouting how I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing and how I should just wait until I learn more, get better, take more classes, have money to buy more materials and any other excuse it can conjure up. That familiar, comfortable, self-destructive habit I have created sets in. Everything screams inside me to just give up, don’t waste my time. Nobody cares anyway. So I quit.

The problem is, I care. I have finally realized that every time do this to myself,  it reaffirms that I am not a priority in my own life. Each time I do this, it becomes easier and easier. Each and every time, loose a piece of myself.

How sad is that? What would I tell my child, my friend, my neighbor, even a stranger? I know for certain that I would share resources if I knew any that might help them. I would share my honest enthusiasm. I would be their biggest cheerleader! So why would I tell myself to stop? Why do I care if anyone cares or not? It is my dreams and desires anyway, not theirs.

My new challenge is how do I create new habits with all these crazy, well developed thoughts raging in my mind? I need to create new thoughts. I know what not to do and that is a big step in the right direction. I can now become aware of those negative thoughts and find ways to create new ones.

If I can create new thoughts after fifty years of self-sabotaging behavior and habits, you can too! Let me know if you have an inner critic or thought pattern that can derail you? Please share any tips or tricks you have found that work.

Happy Creating!