Quick light meals and snacks

Busy Day, Quick Lunch…

My oldest son came over today and we started a DIY project in my kitchen (I plan on posting the project within the next few days). We took a trip to Home Depot, got some wood and other supplies that we needed and got to work.

There was no time for cooking lunch so I made one of my quick, healthy combos for lunch.


Creamy, fresh avocado with a hard-boiled large egg.  Add Winterhill’s Lime Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some of their Tuscan Herbs. Simply Delicious!

Winterhill has their own olive orchard and bottles their olive oil here in El Dorado County. I keep several different bottles of their Olive Oil on my kitchen counter all the time. Hubby’s go to oil is the Jalapeno. I use the lime in salads, my homemade salsa, with chicken and fish, and advocados. Winterhill’s light and dark balsamic vinegars are another staple in my kitchen.

Have a blessed and creative evening!