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Pineapple Mango Lime Pork Roast…

Last night I created a recipe that turned out great! I love when that happens.


This pork roast came out so delicious that Hubby didn’t even think to add jalapenos like he does with everything he eats. I added a fresh spinach salad topped with sliced almonds, dried cranberries and some crumbles of queso fresco. For the dressing I used extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The tangy vinegar goes perfect with the sweet juices of the pork.

This is an easy, inexpensive, low carb, gluten-free recipe. If there are any leftovers, they can be used in quesadillas, sandwiches, salads or as dinner the next night. I try to make meals that are versatile and can be used for several days.

Here is what I used for the pork:


The first thing I did was cut some slits in the top of the roast to help the flavors of what i was using soak in.

I rubbed the roast with a mixture of Ground Cumin, Red Chili Powder, Salt and Pepper.


I topped Hubby’s meat with French’s Crispy Fried Onions for taste and crunch. These fried onions contain wheat so they are not gluten-free, which is why I added them to his meat after making his plate.  I did not want to take a chance on accidentally getting any of these onions into the rest of the meat.

Next I squeezed 1/2 of a fresh lime over the roast and added 1 clove of garlic pressed 9or minced.


It’s already starting to smell good.

I pour 3/4 of a single serving container of Tropicana Pineapple Mango Juice over the roast.


Cover with foil and Bake on 375 degrees for approximately 2 hours, checking the roast several times and using the juices for basting. The basting and keeping it covered in the oven helps to hold the juices and flavors in the meat. You can uncover the roast for the last 15 to 20 minutes to brown the meat according to your liking.


This roast came out so tender and juicy. I spooned some of the juice left in the pan over the meat slices on each plate. Also I had used 2 cloves of garlic last night and thought it was a little too much for my taste.

I come up with recipes from combining ingredients I have already. If I want to use something I do not normally buy, I will substitute whatever is the least expensive and sounds tasty. That is how I ended up with the Tropicana Pineapple Mango Juice. Usually the go-to liquid for pork is orange juice or root beer. I do not buy either one because of Hubby’s diabetes however I saw this small bottle of Tropicana at the grocery and I wanted to experiment.

I have found that taking small chances with ingredients can result in some fantastic flavors. If you are on a tight budget and get tired of cooking the same old thing every night, think outside the box. There are so many different ways you can cook chicken and potatoes and noodles and beans.

I have thought a lot about what I want the Mission of this blog to be. The idea that comes to mind is finding ways to help you create meals and snacks that are inexpensive, easy and delicious along with being low carb and gluten-free. I also want to share ideas about meal presentation. I honestly believe that when food “looks” good it just tastes better. The time we take to fix a plate for ourselves or the people we cook for can beautiful. What do you think about that?

Let me know if you try this recipe or if there is any food you would like ideas to cook differently in the comments below.

Happy Creating,


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Creating an Easy, Healthy Egg Sandwich…


I enjoy creating delicious, healthy, inexpensive recipes that I can switch up depending on what I have in the refrigerator and whose diet I am cooking for.

When making sandwiches for Hubby’s work lunches or at home, I always start off with Dave’s Killer Sprouted Grains Organic Bread. The loaf is smaller so it becomes a lower carb sandwich compared to the large loafs of other healthy breads. Hubby loves it and it really is delicious!


Another reason I love this bread is I can eat it also. It is NOT gluten-free yet it does not flare me up or cause any other issues for me.  I do not have Celiac disease but I do have other health issues that are complicated by wheat and gluten. I have been gluten-free for years so to find real bread that I can eat is awesome, especially when it is this delicious. When I find this bread on sale, I purchase several loaves and freeze them. This saves money and eat healthier too.

The breakfast sandwich above is for my husband who is diabetic. I have found that the more I put into the sandwich, the less bread he needs.

This sandwich is filled with two fried eggs, one slice of pepper jack cheese, two slices of deli ham, a layer of fresh spinach and another layer of sliced fresh jalapenos which is a must in all of his meals. Delicious and easy. What are your egg sandwich recipes?

So yesterday I posted a link to some Dot Mandala tutorials by Lydia May. I also challenged myself to see if I could create my own. Here are my first 3 Dot Mandalas:


I wanted to practice a few times before using canvases or my acrylic paints so I pulled out some really old craft paint and a piece of 9″x12″ Strathmore Bristol paper. I painted the paper with some satin black paint, cut the paper into 3″x3″ squares after the black paint dried and used my neon paints for the design. Since the paint was probably 10 years old, it was a little tacky and dried too quickly which is why there were lots of lumps and the colors were dull. Since I was just learning, it really did not matter.

By the time I was on the third mandala, I was starting to catch on and enjoying it. There was a learning curve for me though. I found that I really did need to follow the instructions. It was important to take my time, wipe whatever tool I was using to dot with off after each dot application and get paint on my tool for each dot. Unfortuently following directions is something I struggle with, which is why I love creating my own way and using directions only as a guide, however if you want to learn this and do it properly the directions Lydia May gives on her tutorial are worth following.

I had fun and am going to do a lot more of these Dot Mandalas. First I am going to use up the rest of the 3×3 squares, them do some small canvases and several rocks I have been wanting to paint. I plan on making Christmas ornaments with this process too! Let me know if you have tried creating mandalas or dot mandalas?

Happy Creating,


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Easy Drop Biscuit Recipe…

One of my favorite comfort foods is Drop Biscuits. I remember looking through my 1989 Edition of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook for something bread-like and easy when I ran out of bread one evening. I initially picked Drop Biscuits since it was the only recipe that was quick, easy, inexpensive, and I had the ingredients except the cream of tartar which I never used. The kids and I got hooked. I soon found I could add bacon, cheese, garlic, almost anything, to this recipe.

EZ Drop Biscuits from the 1989 Edition of The Better Homes & Garden New Cookbook. Minus the Cream of Tartar in the original recipe. Simple Ingredients!
Mix and drop onto greased baking sheet with a spoon. EASY!
Serve warm with cream cheese and strawberry jam. Yummy!

I have not been able to eat wheat/gluten for 11 years. I substitute Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1 to 1 Baking Flour in anything I make that calls for flour. I think its the best!


Let me know if you try the Drop Biscuit recipe or Bob’s Red Mill products and what you think of them. Have another gluten-free flour suggestion? Please share in the comments!

Have a Blessed and Creative Day!